Best Credit Card Processors

Best Credit Card Processors

Access to credit is one of the backbones of the business industry. It is why you can no longer go without a credit card processor.

Start accepting credit as a payment method. Watch as profits grow and see an increase in customer satisfaction rates.

Most startups are familiar with borrowing money to build products and expand services.

But, customers use credit for other purposes.

The list of reasons why individuals use credit cards is almost endless, but here are the top seven.

1. 46.3% borrow for home renovations

2. 46% for vacations

3. 41.5% for medical emergencies

4. 35.7% for weddings

5. 17.7% for businesses

6. 16.9% for rent and utilities

7. 11% for vehicles

It is not news that shoppers want to buy in-store and online without limitations.

A credit card processor increases payment methods, buying options, and business revenue.

Let's face it; customers love credit cards and have a strong affection for more choices.

Who can blame them, we all prefer the freedom of choice.

And, the average American chooses to carry 2.35 credit cards in their wallet, pocket, or purse.

Innovative technologies and customer expectations are growing. Along with them, the popularity of newer payment methods.

Today, the most popular way to pay is via an e-Wallet. Credit cards come second and debit cards; third, with cash coming in last.

Every day, we turn more into a cashless world. Although we still need dollar bills for some instances, people prefer plastic.

Credit cards are not only for times of trouble or emergencies. A whopping 58% of families reported using credit cards for convenience only.

All businesses must be able to process credit card payments, including yours.

What is Credit Card Processing?

Accepting credit cards needs to become one of your payment options. If not, your customers will go to the competition that does.

You are not obligated to use only one system, either. Choose the best solutions for your business needs and customer type.

Does your system need to process a high-volume amount of card payments or do your shoppers want an e-commerce option? Your answers will impact your decision.

You need to look at the changes that are occurring to payment methods. The data is necessary for recognizing if your current processes are still relevant.

16% of North Americans use cash while shopping in person. POS cash transactions in North America are expected to fall to 11% by 2022.

If your business only accepts cash purchases then you are in trouble. It is time to update your payment processing ways.

There are four main credit card payment options your business can use.

4 Different Credit Card Payment Options

1. Merchant Account. With a merchant account, you can accept credit card payments anywhere: online, in-store, or on the go.

Example: Fattmerchant and Dharma Merchant Services.

2. Point of Sale (POS) system. A POS system is the place where your customer makes a payment at your store.

Example: McDonald's uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a POS System. It helps their employees take orders faster, and provides customers many payment methods.

3. Mobile Payment Processor. With a mobile payment processor, you need a mobile POS app to accept card transactions while on the go.

Example: PayAnwhere and PayPal Credit Card Processing Solutions.

4. Online Payment Gateway. With an online payment gateway, you can process credit card payments in real-time.

Example: Braintree and online payment systems.

A lot more goes into processing a credit card payment then most think.

It looks easy due to the simple act of a swipe or tap of the card to buy products. It takes only seconds for the customer to know if their credit card payment processed or not.

But, there is more that goes into each card transaction than what meets the eye.

The Four Parties of a Credit Card Processor

There are four parties in the payment process, each playing a significant role. Either, before, during, or after each credit card transaction.

1. The financial institution:

The short-term line of credit, provider.

2. The cardholder:

The customer spends the credit by using the card to make purchases.

3. The merchant:

The person who receives payments from credit card purchases.

4. Third-party credit card processing companies or acquiring banks:

The institutions that process credit card payments, usually for a fee.

Luckily, for the most part, obtaining a credit card is easy. The application process usually does not take a long time. It is why many Americans have more than one today.

It also does not hurt that the processing of a credit card payment is quick for merchants, too.

Without a payment processor, your business is missing out on significant money-making opportunities.

Your business is passing on other great benefits that could speed up its growth and success.

The Benefits of Having a Credit Card Processor

Not only will you gain from having a credit card payment processor, but your customers will too.

Payment processors can do a lot for your company, online and off.

Business Benefits:

Offer more payment methods - accept payments via credit cards, online, mobile, etc.

Improve cash flow

Increase sales and profits

Streamline business operations

Save time

Stay current

End double data entry

Strengthen payment security

Reduce expenses

Ensure effective workflow management

Legitimize your business

Encourage moments of impulse buying

Gain profitability and competitiveness

Build customer satisfaction and trust

Access to track financial services and funds

Cut the risk of bounced checks

Customer Benefits:

Shopping convenience

Flexible payment options - pay via online, cards, mobile, e-commerce, etc.

Improve credit score

Online shopping capabilities

Can buy now

Earn bonus rewards and loyalty programs

Leave cash or checks behind

Make faster purchases

Pay their preferred way

Spend credit when other funds are low

Buy larger items

Increase spending habits

Gains a better shopping and checkout experience

Customers will only shop where they can spend money, which includes, credit. Whether they want to buy in-store, online, or while on the go, you need to accept payments in all cases.

Many businesses still need to step up their game when it comes to online payment processing. A lot of the issues have to do with a lack of payment methods, complicated steps, and long processes.

Studies show theaverage cart abandonment rate on mobile phones is 85.65%. On tablets, it is 80.4%, and desktop being the most reliable with a 73% rate.

There are various reasons why cart abandonment happens and a loss in sales occurs. Here are a few of them.

27% of customers leave because the checkout process is too complicated.

35% of people will abandon a site if it is not secure.

Checkout flows have 23.48 elements on average and the ideal number is 12.

The good news is all are completely avoidable. The addition of a payment processor will help resolve most issues.

Your business needs to decrease cart abandonment rates and increase sales. Start by analyzing the customer experience and buying process.

If your payment processor works for you then problems like these should not even be on your radar.

If they do exist, consider adding or switching your processor for something better.

There are ways to improve cart abandonment rates. It is simple, optimize your payment process.

35.26% increase in conversion rate is accessible through better checkout design.

$260 billion are recoverable through checkout improvements.

Apply similar practices to in-store and mobile payment processing too. You will see improvements in these areas as well.

It is why knowing the benefits of each processor and how they differ is essential. You must focus on special features, policies, security measures, uptime, and fees.

The more you know, the better.

The credit card processor you choose needs to become a long-time business partner. You want to ensure you are making knowledgeable decisions every step of the way.

First, review your payment methods, then identify your business needs. The information you gather will help you determine which processor is best.

How To Choose The Right Credit Card Processor

There is no shortage of credit card processors to choose from and it is vital you pick the right one.

There are two essential details to review when choosing a processor.

1. Credit Card Processing Equipment

The type of equipment you need will vary. It depends on your business size, industry, and needs.

As a small business owner, you may find that a standalone system is enough. Larger businesses need a more integrated point of sale (POS).

Also, consider how you want to serve customers and what your business delivers.

Do you want buyers to have an omnichannel experience or website buying capabilities? If yes, you will need a processor that has these features.

2. Credit Card Processing Evaluation

To narrow down your search, look at each potential payment processor features. Focus on the critical areas that matter most to your business and customers.

Below are a few fundamental questions to ask during your search.

Is the transaction speed fast?

Does it have a strong uptime record?

Is the rate structure fair and transparent?

What type of security does it have to prevent fraud or data breaches?

Is it compliant and follow industry standards?

Is there access to helpful customer support?

Does it create a faster or better checkout experience for customers?

Did you know: By 2020, 82% of North American retailers are expected to accept Apple Pay?

You must ask the right questions. Get to know more about what customers expect from your business to properly meet them.

The final step to choosing the right credit card processor is to learn about the best ones on the market today.

What Are The Best Credit Card Processors of 2019?

We put together a list of seventy best credit card processors. It is time to find the right one for you.

1. Square

Square is a wireless mobile payment processor. It allows you to accept online and in-store payments. Even while on-the-go.

With its quick setup, Square gives you the flexibility you need to run your business, your way.

Its simplicity makes accepting card payments fast and painless. Security is also a top priority.

Square wants payment experiences to be as seamless as possible.

Features Square provides:

Dashboard and analytics

Inventory and order tracking

Payroll and funding options

Square offers tools that will help you turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. There are no extra fees or long term contracts to worry about, either.

It has a well-trained support team available via phone or email.

2. Flagship Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services is a payment solution for businesses. It offers customizable point of sale (POS) systems and smart terminals to merchants.

It provides you the choice of integration with over two-hundred business applications.

Flagship Merchant Services makes running your brick-and-mortar, mobile, e-commerce, or home business easier.

It has a "Smart" solution and tailored pricing for your business and customer needs.

Features Flagship Merchant Services provides:

Merchant cash advances

A business management portal

Digital loyalty programs

There is no contract term, monthly minimum, or cancellation fee. All merchants have access to priority customer support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Helcim

Helcim provides merchants with business services and software. It empowers owners with its worry-free payment processing system.

The powerful tools Helcim makes running your business a smoother operation. You will have more time to focus on connecting with the customer.

Features Helcim provides:

A 30-day trial period

Automated billing

Customizable online invoicing

Helcim speeds up your payment and checkout process. Its services include desktop, tablet, and mobile apps.

Its transparent processing rates and payment options make buying their products, straightforward. It provides technical support and useful tutorials.

It offers a �Rate Guarantee� for the life of your account. There is also no cancellation fee with Helcim.

4. Stripe

Stripe is a software platform and an all-in-one internet toolkit. It works with online marketplaces, e-commerce stores, and crowdfunding platforms.

Its innovative technology and APIs help grow your business and sales. Scale faster, integrate apps and create the best product for your users. Without worrying about your payment processor.

Stripe offers charge-back protection to defend your business against fraudulent and fee disputes.

Features Stripe provides:

Payment and data insights

A developer dashboard

Data security and compliance

Stripe has a pay-as-you-go pricing plan with no setup, monthly, or hidden fees. You can customize a business package to work with you.

It also provides users with a 24/7 phone, chat, email, and online support.

5. PayPal

Paypal offers various payment solutions. Along with processing payments, you can build a website, and receive merchant funding.

Business owners can choose from several payment methods. Accept online or in-person payments or both. It is up to you.

Its services help with business operations too. It has tools that enable you to track payments, print shipping labels, and so much more.

PayPal also offers a �Sellers Protection.� It provides you the confidence and security you need with every payment transaction.

Features PayPal provides:

Merchant and customer lending options

Easy-to-use digital wallet

Several payment processing solutions

With PayPal as your payment processing partner, you only pay them, when you get paid.

There are merchant fees, but no contracts or setup fees.

PayPal has a business resource center for support with their payment solutions.

6. Fiserv

Fiserv is a payment solution and processing service. As a financial technology provider, Fiserv helps solve challenges businesses face.

The company works with you to keep your business moving towards the future.

Whether processing payments in-store or online, Fiserv has your back.

Features Fiserv provides:

Operational cost reduction

Secure transaction environments

Fraud, risk, and compliance management

Fiserv looks to meet your needs and the customers changing demands. It offers, �Customer and Channel Management,� as well as, a Resource Center for merchants.

It is a secure payment processor and adheres to regulatory requirements.

Contact their support team to learn about their rates, fees, and billing.

7. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a secure online payment service. It uses Amazon Technology to provide every business with a better buying experience.

From enterprises to non-profit organizations, Amazon Pay optimizes your checkout. It helps businesses identify and address cart abandonment issues.

Features Amazon Pay provides:

Many payment options - via the web, a mobile device, and even through voice commands using Alexa.

Amazon Commerce Technology

Customer verification

Amazon Pay includes fraud detection and prevention with no hidden fees or surprises.

It provides users with an online �Help� section and useful e-commerce plugins.

8. Auric

Auric is a credit card processor that is working towards ending processing fees.

With traditional processors, you receive interchange rates and mark-ups, but not with Auric.

Its �Cash Discount Program,� is about selling and saving. The more you sell, the more you save.

Choose to connect its pricing program with your existing or favorite platforms.

Features Auric provides:

Smart terminals that do your bidding

Business loans and customer financing

Business insights

With Auric, you can lock in your monthly rates and calculate your savings with ease.

9. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is a payment solution that simplifies payment processing. Whether it be for a credit card, e-check, or over-the-phone payments.

But that is not all.

Choose a virtual POS software, contactless payment, e-commerce, or mobile reader. The options are endless.

Features Authorize.Net provides:

Customer information management

Invoicing and recurring payments

Simplified checkout experiences

Its �Advanced Fraud Detection," provides you with peace of mind. Payment processing does not need to be scary.

Give your customers options. Let them pay via popular credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Its support center is where you can talk to real people 24/7. They are ready to help resolve any issue.

10. BankCardUSA

BankCardUSA, a payment processor, decreases the number of companies with access to it. Your card processing system is safer with fewer companies involved with payments.

BankCardUSA cuts out the middleman. With direct access, you avoid agent mark-ups, inflated rates, and hidden fees.

Features BankCardUSA provides:

A higher level of service with lower rates

An increase in business efficiency and communication

Cloud POS systems

BankCardUSA security is to follow industry standards. It simplifies your credit card processing and saves your business money.

11. BASYS Processing

BASYS Processing is a personalized payment processing service. It provides cutting-edge technology, direct interchange rates, software integrations, and transparent savings analysis.

Plus, so much more.

BASYS Processing shows you the hidden costs of your current processor. Learn about how much money you could be saving each month.

Along with credit and debit services, it offers virtual terminals and POS solutions. It also has e-commerce processing available too. Each is customizable to fit any need.

Features BASYS Processing provides:

An increase in productivity

Simplified PCI compliance

Improvements to customer retention rates

BASYS Processing has data breach protection and one-on-one support.

12. BestMerchantRates

BestMerchantRates (BMR) is a payment processor offering low month-to-month rates. There are no cancellation fees or any long-term contracts.

Choose to use its processing equipment for a low monthly price and they will program it for you at no extra cost.

BestMerchantRates lets your business accept all types of card payments. Including, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

It values its customers and helps businesses nationwide to save money.

Features BestMerchantRates provides:

A risk-free service

Everyday low rates

Safe payment processing

BestMerchantRates uses best practices to secure your sensitive data.

13. BluePay Processing

BluePay processing is an innovative payment processing system for businesses.

You can choose from several modern payment methods. i.e., omnichannel, multi-channel, e-commerce, and virtual payment processing.

With BluePay Processing, you can also conduct business operations. Set up electronic billing and invoicing with ease. No more hassles.

You gain access to online payment software, plus much more.

Features BluePay Processing provides:

Virtual terminals

Reconciliation and reporting

Batch credit card processing

BluePay processing is perfect for all business sizes and industries. Its advanced security and support team makes safe payment processing a breeze.

14. Braintree

Braintree is a global payment partner looking to save you money.

Its payment platform delivers PayPal, credit, and debit cards. You can integrate digital wallets like Apple Pay too.

It helps drive higher conversion rates by reaching more people in more places.

Leverage established networks and use next-generation technology in expanding markets. Grow your business.

Features Braintree provides:

Internal cost management

Optimized payment experiences

Data-sharing tools

Braintree mitigates risks and keeps payment data secure. It has a customized pricing structure based on the type of business you run.

15. Card Z3N

Card Z3N processes card payments and other services. It has HR benefits, business working capital, and consulting services, too.

You get a merchant account, payroll service, and payment gateway.

It offers its users third-party integrations and support, as well.

Features Card Z3N provides:

Recurring billing

Help with data migration

Basic and advanced fraud tools

Card Z3N has plenty of processing options for businesses. Including interchange-plus pricing, phone, and email support.

16. Cartwheel Register

Cartwheel Register is a software checkout solution. It has no POS or card swipers as they are not needed with this credit card processor.

Instead, you use your smartphone or tablet to accept credit card payments. You can also use Skip Wallet and scan barcodes.

Cartwheel Register wants you ready to accept payments, anywhere.

Features Cartwheel Register provides:

Mobile checkout

Employee time management

24hr deposits

Cartwheel Register has a single rate with no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. You can forget about looking for the fine print for it does not exist.

Secure payments and reliable customer support show that simplicity is at its core.

17. CDGcommerce

CDGcommerce is an in-person and online credit card processing service for small businesses.

Merchants receive interchange-plus pricing and it charges fewer fees than the competition.

Features CDGcommerce provides:

24-hour turnaround after initial communication

A dedicated account manager that stays with you

Services to various industries

CDGcommerce has no setup or annual fees and provides excellent customer service. You also do not have to worry about an early termination fee.

18. Century Business Solutions

Century Business Solutions offers in-store, mobile, and online payment solutions.

It integrates with over fifty accounting software programs, e-commerce platforms, and CRM systems.

Features Century Business Solutions provides:

E-commerce and accounting integrations

Desktop POS

iOS and Android mobile payments

It works with businesses of varying sizes across all industries.

There are no contracts for you to sign, and they save you money on credit card processing fees.

Century Business Solutions also provides a resource library and email/phone support. They make payment processing easy.

19. is a credit card processing service for all businesses. Including ones with bad credit. is here to help.

Features provides:

Free software, EMV terminals, and card readers

Payments methods that fit your needs - phone or mail orders

Web-based credit card processing

There are no long-term contracts, setup, or cancellation fees. also offers users 24/7, 365 days of LIVE, toll-free phone support.

20. Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma Merchant Services is a business payment processor. Including, those in the retail, restaurant, and e-commerce industries.

Its team believes in �commerce with compassion� and social responsibility.

Dharma Merchant Services is a credit card processing system. It is one that owners can feel proud to use.

Features Dharma Merchant Services provides:

A fully-integrated mobile solution

Online reporting and payment links

Next day funding

You do not have to sign a long-term contract and its low pricing rates, plus fees, are on its website.

Its fraud detection and prevention keep payment information secure.

Dharma Merchant Services has both a FAQ and Contact Us page on their site for customer support.

21. Due

Due is a payment processing solution for businesses of all sizes that is easy to use.

It simplifies payment processing enabling you to send and receive money fast.

It is ideal for freelancers and individuals too. Due offers time-tracking tools to keep track of all billable hours. It lets you spend more time on meeting work deadlines.

Features Due provides:

A digital wallet

Simple Integration

A payment dashboard

Its low rate, secure processing, no monthly, or hidden fees, make money processing easy.

There are no long-term contracts for you to sign, and they provide merchants with a support team.

22. E-Commerce Exchange

E-Commerce Exchange offers several payment solutions.

It provides your business with credit card payment processing and merchant services.

You can start accepting credit cards, integrate terminals or POS system in no time flat.

Features the e-commerce Exchange provides:

International payments

Small business loans

Payroll services

Grow your business by accepting card payments, EBT, checks, and other non-cash transactions.

It offers merchants secure payment gateways at a low rate.

23. eData Financial Group

eData Financial Group provides international and US businesses with many payment methods. Including, online, mobile, and in-store credit card processing.

It sells the necessary equipment and offers merchants small business loans. You can get cash advances, and marketing services from them too.

Features eData Financial Group provides:

An eDataPay Bank Card

EMV chip card and Pin

Deep Analysis

eDataPay facilitates transactions by providing white-labeled payment processing services. It offers integration, secure payment gateways, and point of sale (POS) systems.

It has a multi-layered fraud prevention system, plus online and phone customer support.

24. Elavon Credit Card Processing

Elavon Credit Card Processing was once called NOVA. It is one of the largest credit card processors in the world.

Elavon Credit Card Processing focus is working with small to midsize businesses. But, they do offer services and credit card processors to other size businesses, too.

Services include mobile, retail, and online credit card processing. It also sells the processing equipment you need.

Features Elavon Credit Card Processing provides:

Reputation protection

Customizable payment solutions

Secure payment processing

Elavon Credit Card Processing has 24-hour customer service.

25. Electronic Cash Systems (ECS)

Electronic Cash Systems (ECS) is a part of the Alliance Group. Merchants can receive credit and debit card processing services from them.

It offers swipe card readers and desktop checkout terminals. ECS also sells and supports ATMs too.

Features Electronic Cash Systems Provides:

Gift and loyalty cards

Bill payment setup

Remote electronic deposits

ECS technical support is by phone. It usesSecurityMetrics to provide PCI Compliance and Certification.

26. Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX)

Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) is a subsidiary of North American Bancard.

With the use of technology, EPX secures your business processing data. You can choose from in-store, online, mobile, and ACH payment processing services.

Features Electronic Payment Exchange provides:

International payments

Back-end service

Single-point integration

EPX secure processing and enhanced data security create fewer potential points of failure. Their customer support is via phone.

27. Electronic Payment Systems (EPS)

Electronic Payment Systems is more than a credit card processor. Like other providers, it too has retail, mobile, and online processing. But there is more.

You can also get processing equipment, checks, loyalty, and gift card services too.

It offers merchants a cash advance option. There are marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services available, as well.

Features Electronic Payment Systems provides:

A transparent partnership

Secure terminals

Mobile payment solutions

EPS has a LIVE US-based team available 24-hours, 7 days a week.

28. eMerchant Gateway

eMerchant Gateway is a credit card processor for businesses. Whether you own a retail store, e-commerce business, or office, it will work for you.

It has low rates and fast approvals. You can accept payments anytime and anywhere.

Features eMerchant provides:

Tokenization technology

Real-time processing

Quickbooks connectivity

eMerchant Gateway offers �Multi-Currency Processing.� It lets you process payments anywhere in the world.

Customer information is secure and PCI compliant. eMerchant Gateway provides businesses with concierge-style service and support.

29. FrontStream Payments

FrontStream Payments processes credit card payments for businesses. It offers various products and services, including POS systems.

It has a secure, streamlined application process with fast approval.

Features FrontStream Payments provides:

Flexible payment solutions

Attentive account care

Integrated equipment options

Merchants gain access to auto-batched receipts and detailed online transaction reports. Its patented tokenization technologies let you bypass storing cardholder data on file.

Put your mind at ease with its payment processing services. FrontStream Payments systems are fast, safe, and secure.

It is a perfect candidate for a credit card processing partner.

30. Fattmerchant

Fattmerchant is an integrated payment technology platform in association with Fifth Third Bank.

Start accepting credit card payments, in-store, over-the-phone, and online. Receive real-time data analytics and integrations you can use.

Fattmerchant offers transparent subscription-based pricing with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

Features Fattmerchant provides:

Actionable business analytics

Mobile payments and online invoicing

Multi-location business services

You may choose Fattmerchant for its savings but end up staying due to its customer service.

31. Federated Payments

Federated Payments has various business solutions that make processing payments easy.

Forget the hassle that comes from using a payment processor that does not fit your needs.

Federated Payments offers merchants retail, online, phone, and mobile processing.

Features Federated Payments provides:

Gift cards and loyalty programs

Processing equipment.

E-commerce solutions

It has a cash-advance program and approves most applicants.

32. Flint

Flint is a partner of Stripe. It offers merchants an innovative mobile credit-card-processing system.

No longer do you need a card reader on your smartphone. Instead, download its credit card payment app. From there, you scan cards and process transactions. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

Features Flint provides:

Invoice billing

Friendly payment reminders

Online sales capabilities

No customer data stays on any device. Flint payment processing information has encryption and follows PCI standards.

33. Global Payments

Global Payments is one of the largest credit card processors in the United States. Yet, it does accept international payments.

Its full range of processing services has something for all businesses of every size. If you are in the retail, healthcare, education, or gaming industry, Global Payments is for you.

Features Global Payments provides:

Integrated solutions

Seamless payment experiences

Payroll administrations

Its merchant portal enables you to make smarter business decisions. Cloud-based insights and data management tools give you the information you can use.

34. Heartland

Heartland is a small business credit card processor. It provides in-person, e-commerce, and mobile payment processing to various business types.

Features Heartland provides:

Versatile POS solutions

End-to-end encryption

A �Breach Warranty� service

Heartland offers interchange-plus pricing and 24-hour customer service.

35. Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services is a business payment processor.

It provides interchange-plus pricing to all its merchants. It does not have long-term contracts, early termination or setup fees.

Host Merchant Services works with businesses to start offering payment methods customers prefer.

Features Host Merchant Services provides:

Customer analytics

Low transaction rates

Business tools

Its customer service is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

36. Agave

Agave was once known as Intrix. It offers payment solutions and is a merchant services provider.

Enterprise businesses will have access to payment gateways, APIs, and white-label products. This includes virtual terminals, mobile apps, and hosted payment pages. Each is customizable to add your branding.

Let your business accept credit cards and take payments without issue. Make it easy to get paid and create happy customers. It is that simple with Agave.

Features Agave provides:

Credit card data protection

Customer-focused opportunities

Excellent value

With Agave, you will deliver flawless payment experiences to your customers.

37. Leap Payments

Leap Payments offers high-risk credit card processing and merchant services. It sells various terminals and POS systems to businesses across all markets. Including those who work in high-risk industries.

It offers interchange-plus pricing to all its merchants and provides a rate-lock guarantee.

Features Leap Payments provide:

No extra costs

Customized and integrated solutions

Same day funding

Leap Payments also works with contractors, home services, and e-commerce stores.

It turns every transaction into the next step forward for your business.

38. MSI Merchant Service

MSI Merchant Service is a Shift4 Payments company once known as Harbortouch. It provides payment processing services and equipment to small businesses.

Features MSI Merchant Service provides:

Free merchant account analysis

A POS System

More payment options

MSI Merchant Service offers many types of Internet Payment Gateways. It helps secure every online business transaction.

39. Maverick BankCard

Maverick BankCard specializes in electronic payment solutions. It offers credit card processing services for all types of businesses. Including retail, restaurant, e-commerce, hospital, lodging, gas station, and nonprofit. It also works with high-risk companies.

Features Maverick BankCard provides:

End-to-end tech-driven payment processing

Client-centered service

Actionable analytics and insights

Maverick BankCard makes it easier to accept payments and make smarter business decisions.

40. Merchant Anywhere

Merchant Anywhere is a processing service for small businesses. It offers month-to-month rates, which includes gateway services.

Features Merchant Anywhere provides:

PDA and PC card payments

Flat monthly rate

Recurring billing

There are no setup or cancellation fees. You do not have to sign a long-term contract or gateway fees. You will receive free AMEX setup and technical support. Plus, rates include gateway services and a virtual terminal.

You can use Merchant Anywhere on various devices. Including, Android and Apple devices, as well as computers.

With Merchant Anywhere as your payment partner, you talk to a real team of customer support.

41. Merchant One

Merchant One is a processing solution for small businesses. It lets you accept card payments.

You can start accepting in-store, online, and mobile payments. Let�s not forget about by mail and phone orders, too. The more payment methods and solutions, the better. It will help increase the number of customers.

Features Merchant One provides:

Next-day funding

Small and large POS systems

Swipe, dip, or tap, their card payment options

The account set up is quick and easy. Merchant One provides 24/7 customer support. It advertises low processing rates, too.

42. Merchant Solutions

Merchant Solutions provides your business with the ability to accept credit cards. Customers can make payments in person, online, or by phone.

It works with businesses with an office-style or home-based setting.

Features Merchant Solutions provide:

Mobile and PC payment processing

Merchant and POS cash-advance programs

A free terminal placement program

Merchant Solutions has no application, set up, annual, or early termination fees. It offers web payment forms and Quickbooks integration.

43. MerchantPlus

MerchantPlus provides straightforward merchant solutions to various size businesses. It has integrations available for shopping carts, gateways, terminals, and POS systems.

Features MerchantPlus provides:

Transparent payment platform

Rate assure program

Business applications

It offers interchange-plus pricing with a single monthly fee. Your interchange markup decreases as your average monthly volume increases.

With its advanced account, MerchantPlus offers and other powerful gateways options. MerchantPlus sales and support staff are available to help your business succeed.

44. National BankCard

National Bankcard is a month-to-month credit card processing service. You can choose either interchange-plus or tiered pricing.

Features National BankCard provides:

Free card reader

No setup fee for online processing

A Bluetooth option

It offers free shipping with all equipment orders.

National BankCard provides free training to show you how to use your new device.

45. National Processing

National Processing is a credit card processor for retail, restaurant, and online businesses. It has interchange-plus pricing.

Features National Processing provides:

ACH and check processing services

Payment processing equipment

E-commerce and mobile solutions

National Processing promises, �Peace of mind, no hidden fees, ease of transition. It offers to help find the best solution for your online payments.

46. National Transaction Corporation (NTC)

National Transaction Corporation (NTC) enables your business to accept various types of cards. Including credit, debit, and EBT cards.

It lets you process online payments and gift cards using your device like your phone, PC, and tablet.

Features National Transaction Corporation provides:

Access to loans and funding


24/7, 365 days a year customer support

NTC believes in a consultative approach. It encourages clients to take the time to understand their own needs. It works with businesses in a variety of industries.

47. Nationwide Merchant Solutions

Nationwide Merchant Solutions offers various payment methods. Start accepting credit card payments right away at your US-based company. You can do this in-person, via mobile, and online.

Features Nationwide Merchant Solutions provides:

ACH and Level 3 processing

Free credit card terminal

Next day deposits on all card types

It also offers portable credit card terminals. Giving you the ability to accept payments from anywhere.

48. Newtek

Newtek is a mobile, POS, and e-commerce payment processing solution. You can accept all major cards at your business � even payments made via mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

Features Newtek provides:

PCI, PADSS, and EMV compliance

Around the clock customer support

Easy to use terminals and POS systems

Newtek sells a variety of processing equipment. It also provides its customers with competitive rates.

49. NextPay

NextPay is an online credit-card-processing company that works with international businesses. It also works with some in high-risk industries.

Features NextPay provides:

Email payments

Subscription billing

Multi-currency processing

It has an advanced anti-fraud system. NextPay also offers a mobile credit card processing option too.

50. North American Bancard (NAB)

North American Bancard has a complete range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its services allow your customers to pay any way they want to, in-store, over the phone, online, or on the go.

Features North American Bancard provides:

ATM service

Fast approvals

LIVE US-based customer support

NAB has a risk-free, month-to-month service agreement. There are no startup, hidden, or cancellation fees.

51. Paya

Paya offers simple, integrated payment solutions. Let your customers use their debit and credit cards at your store. With Paya, you can give them the option of making mobile and online payments, as well.

Features Paya provides:

Over 300 integrations

POS system

A partner-centric service.

Paya offers easy-to-use, smart solutions for every type of experience. It tailors solutions to the needs of each particular business.

52. PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere is a part of North American Bancard. It is the section that offers mobile credit card processing.

Features PayAnywhere provides:

Accept payments on your device

PayAnywhere works around you.

Card readers, including a Bluetooth option.

You can choose from two plans. The first plan is Mobile. It offers flat-rate pricing, pay-as-you-go terms, and no monthly fee. The second one is the Storefront plan that more for businesses processing over $5,000 per month.

53. PayFrog

PayFrog provides merchant services and credit card processing.

Features PayFrog provides:

Recurring billing

Emailed receipts

Paperless payment service

It provides a secure web-based service that you can access from any computer. It also offers unlimited US support.

54. PayJunction

PayJunction is an all-in-one payment processor.

Customers get interchange-plus pricing. Established merchants can submit billing statements to qualify for a rate match.

Features PayJunction provides:

Email signatures

E-checks processing

Custom API integrations

It does not charge any PCI compliance, gateway, annual, or exit fees. But, there is a monthly fee if you process less than $10,000 per month.

55. PayLeap

PayLeap is a small business, mobile, and online credit card processor. It converts any mobile phone, tablet or computer into a merchant terminal.

Features PayLeap provides:

Shopping cart and social media integration - Facebook and Twitter.

Customizable service and software.

Internet PIN debit.

PayLeap offers one simple, affordable rate with no hidden charges.

56. Payment Depot

Payment Depot cuts out the middlemen, so its members only pay wholesale. It has a per-transaction fee and a monthly membership fee.

There are no separate statement or PCI compliance fees. They are a part of the membership fee.

You will never need to negotiate rates again.

If at any time you decide to close your account, there is no cancellation fee, either.

Payment Depot offers mobile, terminal, e-commerce, and POS solutions.

Features Payment Depot provides:

Next-day funding and deposits

PCI compliance

A Membership

It offers its members 24/7 customer support.

57. Payment Portal

Payment Portal provides merchant services. You can choose from a diverse selection of payment options. Including mobile and credit card processing, to brick and mortar store terminals.

Features Payment Portal provides:

Speed and convenience

A cash-advance center

E-raffle, gift, and loyalty cards

Its consultants will work with you to identify payment solutions for your needs.

58. Payroc

Payroc offers stability in payments to all businesses. Whether you are a mobile app developer or retailer, Payroc can help you.

It has compliant surcharging and cash-discount programs.

Features Payroc provides:

Trusted payment advice

Real-time reporting

Fully-documented APIs.

Payroc offers processing equipment from major brands.

59. PaySafe

Paysafe has everything your business needs to accept payments. It provides in-store, mobile, and online credit card processing. It works with merchants, platforms, and ISO partners that resell its services.

The new Paysafe iGaming platform delivers a variety of valuable tools. It has helpful reports and gives seamless payment experiences.

Features PaySafe provides:

ISVs and SaaS integrated payments

Fraud and risk management services

Digital wallets

Paysafe believes that moving money should be easy, safe, and fast for everyone.

60. PaySimple

PaySimple is an online payment software and billing service. It lets you accept payments online, in person, and on the go.

Your small business can create email invoices and set up recurring billing.

Features PaySimple provides:

Customer marketing solutions

Automated billing

Email payment reminders

PaySimple has a dashboard that tracks your accounts receivables. All this and more for one low monthly price. It has no contracts and no cancellation fees.

61. Pinpoint Payments

Pinpoint Payments processes credit card payments for business. It features an easy-to-use platform and modern POS systems.

Features Pinpoint Payments provides:

Dedicated account managers

Fraud prevention

Low up-front cost

It focuses on future solutions and accepts credit card payments in minutes.

62. Planet Payment

Planet Payment is a domestic and international payment processor. It provides merchants with the ability to accept payments in person and online.

Features Planet Payment provides:

Currency conversion

The ability to increase global revenue

Risk management

It has multicurrency processing services and a money-transfer platform.

63. QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments is a payment solution for small businesses. As a division of Intuit, it has several processing solutions. It also offers you the ability to send invoices using QuickBooks accounting software.

Features QuickBooks Payments provide:

ACH bank transfers

Rates per transaction

Next-day deposits

You can choose between a plan with no monthly fee or one with a monthly fee and lower rates.

64. SpotOn

SpotOn is a payment processing and merchant software company. It provides merchants with in-store, mobile, and online payment processing options.

Features SpotOn provides:

Website creation solutions

Active marketing tools

Wi-fi and optional mobile connectivity

SpotOn also offers appointment setting, marketing, review management, payroll, and customer loyalty. It also provides a rewards app for consumers.

65. Sumup

Sumup is a credit card processing company that also accepts EMV and NFC payments. It has card readers, including a Bluetooth one.

You can accept cards as well as mobile wallets like Google Pay.

Features Sumup provides:

Accepts magstripe, chip, and contactless payments

500 transactions with a single charge

Track your payouts

It has a low, flat rate, apps for iOS, and Android devices.

66. Tidal Commerce

Tidal Commerce is a business credit card processor and merchant service. It works with various industries, including retail, restaurant, and healthcare.

Features Tidal Commerce provides:

Clear fees and transparent rates

Free payment analysis

Funding options

It offers merchants the choice of simplified tiered or interchange-plus pricing. There is no setup charge or cancellation fee.

67. Upserve

Upserve is a restaurant payment processor. Where you can accept payments tableside or at a checkout station. It is up to you.

Features Upserve provides:

A flat rate per transaction

Certified PCI level 1 processing

Actionable insights

There are an interchange rate and a per-transaction fee for each sale. A monthly subscription fee is for the POS software.

68. Worldpay

Worldpay is a payment processor. It simplifies payments by breaking through borders to help businesses grow.

It offers advanced omnichannel processing products and services. There are resources for developers. They can integrate Worldpay with apps your company already uses.

Features Worldpay provides:

Online or off cross-border payments

B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions

An omnichannel experience

There are many value-added services like gift cards, loyalty programs, and working capital.

69. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a global payment platform that allows companies to accept online payments. Including physical goods, digital software, and subscription payments from buyers worldwide.

Features 2Checkout provides:

An all-in-one monetization platform

Subscription billing

Risk management and compliance

It offers a pre-integrated payment gateway and integration with over 100 shopping carts. It has international fraud prevention.

70. Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments accepts credit and debit card payments. Accept payments in person using a mobile card reader or via social media channels. Like Facebook and Pinterest.

Features Shopify Payments provides:

No need for third-party accounts

Balance and payment schedule tracking

No hidden fees

It has competitive flat rates and month-to-month terms. You avoid paying an extra fee for using an external payment gateway.


For your business to thrive, now and in the future, it needs the addition of a payment processing system.

In 2019, 65% of smartphone owners in the United States were still reluctant to try out mobile wallets. Why?

1. Security reasons.

2. Not knowing where mobile wallets were accepted.

Not only do you need to add processors, but educate your customers about them. This applies to all your payment methods.

If your customers lack the knowledge or feel unsafe with your processors, you are losing sales.

Find the best processor for your business. Is it secure and how will your customers learn of its availability?

Research your customer shopping habits, behaviors, and expectations.

As business and consumer demands differ, so do payment processors. There is no "one-size-fits-all" system.

So, choose one with a purpose in mind.

Select the payment services with features that matter most to you and your customers.

In 2021, various contactless technologies are projected to generate close to 190 billion U.S. dollars in transaction value.

If you are only beginning to accept credit cards, you need to catch up. Payment method changes are happening fast and the pace is not slowing down anytime soon.

Learn your target audience and their payment preferences. According to Visa, millennials use cards for 57% of their spending.

Along with evaluating needs, there are other essential elements to consider.

Review all fees, rates, compliance, security, and contract options before picking your processor.

These are game-changers too.

Once you locate the right credit card processor, it will transform your business.

Shoppers will no longer need to stop buying due to running out of cash. If your business accepts credit, you give customers the choice to continue shopping.

As a result, you will make more money and provide better checkout experiences.

The Credit Card Processing and Money Transferring industry have experienced strong revenue growth over the five years to 2019. During this time, the total revenue came to $79 billion.

There is no doubt. You will see an increase in business, too. Offering more payment methods is something both you and your customers will appreciate.